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Seeking approval of an injury management program (IMP)

Under your licence or permit conditions, you must provide high quality injury management to injured workers. You must also:

  • have your injury management program (IMP) approved by the Board
  • implement, maintain and operate in accordance with your IMP
  • regularly review your IMP and notify the Board of any changes to it
  • complete self-assessments of your IMP against your licence or permit conditions and performance standards
  • provide the Board with a copy of this self-assessment report.

Applying to WorkCover: What to submit

You must submit your IMP for approval using the ‘Injury Management Program Application Form' (DOCX, 913.6 KB).

Along with the application form, you must also submit:

an executive summary /synopsis introducing your organisation, which includes:

  • an over view of your corporate structure
  • an organisation char t identifying where the IMP function is located
  • an explanation on how the IMP contributes to your objectives and core business activities

an electronic copy of your current IMP Policies and Procedures Manual (in .doc or .docx format), which includes:

  • a table of contents/index that clearly identifies each system requirement (these can be found in the Guidelines referred to above) and the corresponding procedure numbers
  • an explanation of how each element covered in the Guidelines is satisfied (if a requirement has not been addressed).

If you are applying to WorkCover to become a licenced insurer or self-insurer, WorkCover will conduct a workplace verification audit at the time of your application, to confirm the presence, application and implementation of the IMP. See How to apply for a licence to insure (licenced insurer) for details.

The approval process

An auditor of the Board will conduct a desktop audit of your IMP and it will only be approved if it complies with the criteria and requirements set out in the Guidelines.

If this audit identifies opportunities for improvement, you must address these before you re-submit your IMP for approval.

WorkCover will advise you in writing when it approves your IMP and will provide a certificate of approval.

Duration of the IMP

The Board will approve an IMP for up to three years unless a longer or shorter period is specified in the approval.

Ongoing monitoring of the IMP

The functionality and implementation of your IMP will be assessed during WorkCover’s onsite surveillance audit.

New insurer IMPs

New licensed insurers and self-insurers also need to demonstrate that they have fully implemented an IMP that complies with the Guidelines. On application for a license or permit to insure, WorkCover will conduct a workplace verification audit to confirm the presence, application and implementation of the IMP in the workplace.

Updated: 4th April 2022
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