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News December 2022: Updates to Regulations

The new Explosives Regulations 2022 include amendments relating to shot-firers, record keeping requirements, and Cracker Night in Tasmania. See full details about the remade Explosives Regulations.

Do you need a shot-firing permit?

You need a shot-firing permit issued by WorkSafe Tasmania (or an interstate shot-firing authority recognised by WorkSafe Tasmania) if you wish to prime or fire explosives in Tasmania.

In almost all cases, you will also need a security-sensitive dangerous substances permit from WorkSafe Tasmania.

A permit is valid for 3 years unless cancelled, revoked, or issued for a shorter period.

How to apply for and renew a shot-firing permit

You must submit a completed application for approval to undertake a shot-firing course at a Service Tasmania outlet (unless you have completed, in another state, an accredited course in shot-firing).

Once approved by WorkSafe Tasmania, you will receive a letter which allows you to undertake the training.

You can then submit a completed application for shot-firing permit at a Service Tasmania outlet.

You can also use this form to:

  • renew your shot-firer permit
  • have an interstate shot-firing permit recognised by WorkSafe Tasmania
  • variation to an existing shot-firing permit.

Permits to undertake shot-firing will only be issued if you:

  • are 18 years of age or older
  • have a legitimate need for the permit
  • are a ‘fit and proper person’ as determined by a National Police Record Check. You will be contacted by WorkSafe Tasmania when we receive your shot-firing permit application.

Blasting near underground services

All shot-firers and anyone commissioning blasting work should:

to find out what underground services are near.

Accreditation for delivering shot-firing course

If you wish to deliver a training course for shot-firing, you must have the course approved by WorkSafe Tasmania.

You must submit a completed Application for accreditation: Shot-firing course, shot-firing instructor form at a Service Tasmania outlet.

WorkSafe Tasmania resources

Application for shot-firing permit (PDF, 2.8 MB)

Application for shot-firing permit mutual recognition (PDF, 2.8 MB)

Application for accreditation: shot-firing course, shot-firing instructor (PDF, 936.3 KB)

Security-sensitive Dangerous substances

Other resources

Dial Before You Dig website (external link)

Tasmanian Gas Pipeline website (external link)

Updated: 24th January 2023
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