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Inducting new workers

When a new worker starts work, usually their manager or supervisor shows them around the workplace, tells them about the facilities, work times/timekeeping and meal breaks, and introduces them to their new co-workers. This process is called an induction.

During an induction, you must also give your new worker health and safety information:

  • your work health and safety policy and safe work procedures
  • how to report hazards, incidents, near misses and injuries
  • who their health and safety representative, first aider and fire warden are.

Use an induction checklist

An induction checklist will ensure you cover all important information.

Make sure your new workers can ask you questions before they sign the induction checklist. But keep in mind that they may be nervous, or keen to impress, so they might not ask any questions. Encourage them to talk to you (or their supervisor or health and safety representative) if they’re not sure about anything.

Keep copies of the completed induction checklists, and give your workers a copy too.

Timing and mentoring

Consider spacing the induction out over a week or two, with follow up discussions.

You might also want to buddy a new worker up with a more experienced worker who can answer their questions and explain things again after the initial induction.

Remember your new workers will also need closer supervision for some time.

Not just for new workers

You should also do an induction for:

  • workers returning after a long absence
  • workers changing roles or worksites
  • contractors, visitors and volunteers.

If you’ve never done inductions before, it’s worthwhile doing one with each of your existing workers, no matter how long they’ve been with you.

You can’t afford to assume that every worker is aware of what’s required with health and safety.


Welcome to the Workplace: A guide for new workers (PDF, 621.4 KB)

Sample induction checklist (DOCX, 78.6 KB)

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Updated: 9th June 2022
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