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HSR for multiple businesses at a workplace

The work health and safety laws allow multiple persons conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU) and their workers to establish work groups if workers are carrying out work for different PCBUs.

The work groups are established by each of the PCBUs and their workers consulting (‘negotiating’) and agreeing upon them.

Establishing work groups for more than one business does not need to affect how existing work groups at each business operate.


Workers often work with independent contractors and the employees of independent contractors. For example, on a construction site, a contractor’s workers may work alongside those of the principal employer, therefore working in similar conditions, using similar work practices and being exposed to similar hazards and risks.

A worker may be part of more than one work group. For example, an on-hire worker may be a member of the on-hire firm’s work group, and a member of a work group in the business that engages the worker to carry out work.

Involving WorkSafe

If the PCBUs and workers can’t agree on establishing work groups for multiple businesses, then anyone involved can ask for a WorkSafe Tasmania inspector to help the negotiations proceed (they can’t make a determination).

If all parties still can’t agree, the PCBUs involved may choose to negotiate with their own workers to determine work groups for a single business.

Updated: 8th May 2023
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