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Our champions and leaders are committed to making their workplaces safer and healthier. Find out what inspired each one to make the change.

If you have what it takes to be a workplace champion, leader or provide peer support, we’d love to see you at one of our Better Work Tasmania networking events. And make sure you submit your great WHS improvement to our next round of WorkSafe Awards.

Sibelco Australia Limited implemented an environment, health and safety system to improve the quality of risk assessments and focus attention on safe work behaviours for everyone working at its sites (2018 WorkSafe Awards category 1).

Sibelco - Awards winner 2018

Tasrail using the SafetyCircle(RTM) has proactively developed safety culture strategies to ensure sustainable and long-term safety outcomes. All workers — from first year rail operators to the CEO — take ownership of their safety, health and environmental responsibilities, understand their reasons for going home safe and well every day, feel comfortable calling out unsafe behaviour, and readily promote the safety culture to their colleagues (2018 WorkSafe Awards category 2).

Tasrail - Award winner 2018

St Vincent Industries Incorporated had 30 year old rag-cutting equipment with a multitude of issues: it vibrated badly, was noisy, had inadequate dust extraction, over-heated easily, had no modern safety features, and was difficult to use and maintain. The organisation worked with TADTAS and the University of Tasmania’s Engineering School to develop new machinery that could address these issues and be easily used by its workers, many of whom have a disability. The machinery was manufactured in Tasmania to relevant Australian Standards (2018 WorkSafe Awards category 2).

St Vincent - Award winner 2018

Tasmanian Sliding Door Repairs company’s owner/operator, who usually works alone, must remove sliding glass doors from tracks and onto a work bench, often many times a day. The twisting motion and the doors’ weight and awkward shape creates the risk of back strain. Inspired by the safe lifting mechanism of a motorcycle race stand, the solution incorporated these mechanisms into a hand trolley, using leverage to lift the door in and out. The trolley can also be used as a work bench if laid on its back (2018 WorkSafe Awards category 2).

Tasmanian sliding doors - Award winner 2018

Gradco Pty Ltd Gradco Pty Ltd identified that significant structural damage meant brick chimneys in the Rhyndaston Rail Tunnel (built in the 1870s) were in danger of collapsing. It replaced these chimneys, managing the associated risks of falling objects, instability of the existing ventilation shafts, the active train line, and working at heights (2018 WorkSafe Awards category 2).

Gradco - Award winner 2018

Scorpion Pest Management Pty Ltd’s health and safety culture is valued by all workers and stakeholders. It is supported by tools such as fortnightly team meetings, a safety handbook, and policies and procedures (2018 WorkSafe Award category 3; photo not available).

Rachael Evans from TasWater provides administrative support to the Zeehan depot’s Remote Locations team and is Health and Safety Representative for the region. She has demonstrated commitment beyond her HSR role, leading key initiatives that ensure safety for her workmates and local community. These include reviewing and improving chemical storage facilities and removing unsafe plant from operation (2018 WorkSafe Award category 4).

Rachel Evans - WorkSafe Awards 2018

Degree C’s team supported the regular complete shutdown maintenance at Cement Australia’s Railton Kiln by manufacturing and installing critical sprayer tower components; and removing existing infrastructure. This complex, high risk work was carried out within a strict timeframe, using safe work methods statements and regular communication ( WorkSafe Award category 4).

Degrees C - Award Winner 2018

promotes early intervention and understands returning to work has many health benefits for injured workers. Its dedicated workers compensation, injury management and return to work staff oversee claims and work with everyone involved in the injured worker’s treatment (WorkSafe Award category 5).

TasTAFE - Award winner 2018

Josh Fraser from Waratah Wynyard Council
identified the need to provide updated and clearer injury management guidance; and to address an unsustainable level of long-term workers compensation claims. The tools he developed have, for the first time in over 12 years, seen the council free of any ongoing workers compensation claims, and all workers previously on long-term medical restrictions cleared for full duties (2018 WorkSafe Award category 6).

Josh Fraser - Award Winner 2018

Tasplan Pty Ltd’s health and wellbeing program includes free or low cost activities and resources from local providers and in-house resources, enabling many activities to be offered at low or no cost to the organisation. It has a comprehensive employee assistance program to help workers and their immediate family members meet the challenges of their work and personal lives (2018 WorkSafe Award category 7).

Tasplan - award winner 2018

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