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Safety publications

Beware of workplace dust exposure (PDF, 7.4 MB)
Explains what silica dust is, the health risks of being exposed to silica dust, which occupations and industries are most at risk.

Managing health and safety in food retail (PDF, 450.9 KB)
Aimed at franchisors in food retail. Explains how to develop effective systems to manage work health and safety; explains common hazards and how to manage them.

Pallet racking: Safe use and maintenance (PDF, 772.7 KB)
Explains pallet racking design and layout, rated capacity, signage, operations, inspections and more.

Pause exercises poster (PDF, 205.1 KB)
Poster showing exercises to stretch and mobilise the muscles and joints most in need of exercise.

Safety management toolkit (PDF, 2.5 MB)
Aimed at small business. A complete guide to managing safety: the safety laws you must comply with, creating safety policies, induction and training workers, consultation, risk management. Includes samples/templates.

The semi-squat approach to lifting poster (PDF, 174.4 KB)
Poster explaining how to lift things safely to avoid injury.

Using portable ladders safely (PDF, 191.4 KB)
Explains how to use portable ladders safely, including how to select the right ladder for the task. Includes a ladder safety checklist.

Using timber for temporary perimeter guardrails (PDF, 225.4 KB)
Aimed at the construction industry. Covers how to use correctly use timber to create safe temporary guardrails.

Welcome to the workplace (PDF, 614.3 KB)
Aimed at new and young workers, trainees, apprentices and students doing work experience. Introduces work health and safety, rights and responsibilities, inductions, training, workplace injuries, managing workplace hazards.

Working in heat (PDF, 415.7 KB)
Explains how to prevent heat illness from working outdoors in hot weather or where heat is generated as part of the work.

Updated: 13th January 2020