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Notify WorkSafe Call 1300 366 322

Incident notification for COVID-19

Last Updated:10 Jan 2022 9:47am

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Employers must notify WorkSafe Tasmania when it is confirmed that a person has contracted COVID-19 through carrying out work and:

  • the person dies; or
  • the person is required to have treatment as an in-patient in a hospital; or
  • the reason the person contracted COVID-19 is reliably attributable to carrying out work that involves providing treatment or care to a person; or involves contact with human blood or body substances. In this case, the carrying out of work must be a significant contributing factor to the infection being contracted.

Notification must be made immediately after the employer becomes aware of the incident. Notification is made by calling WorkSafe Tasmania on 1300 366 322 or by submitting WorkSafe Tasmania’s incident notification form.

Notification is required regardless of whether the Department of Health/Public Health Services is already aware of the case. Regulation 699 is the relevant regulation for incident notification of a serious illness.

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