Novel coronavirus (COVID-19)

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Regulatory advice

Public Health Services (external link) is the lead Tasmanian Government Agency for the Tasmanian response to Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).

All businesses should be monitoring advice from Public Health Services on the current status and advice on what to do to prevent exposure, when to seek medical treatment, and when and how testing should be conducted.

WorkSafe Tasmania will not provide specific information on the spread or containment of COVID-19, as the most up-to-date authoritative advice will be provided by Public Health Services (external link).

PCBU’s responsibilities

A person conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU) must ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health and safety of workers and other persons.

Employers and businesses may also have other obligations under laws administered by WorkSafe Tasmania. Some businesses have contacted us to ask what will the regulator do if a business is unable to meet these obligations as a direct result of COVID-19. Our current advice is:

  • keep up to date with Public Health Services (external link) advice on controls to prevent the spread of COVID-19, including any restrictions on normal business activities, and respond accordingly
  • if there has been a confirmed case of COVID-19 in your place of business, you should seek advice from Public Health Services (external link)
  • if Public Health Services becomes aware of a positive diagnosis, it has procedures in place to track the movements of the person and will provide advice on what action should be taken
  • current legislative requirements remain in force; however, if you are unable to meet your regulatory obligations because of COVID-19 then we will take a reasonable and proportionate response.

Business continuity planning

We understand that businesses are currently preparing contingency plans for what to do if stronger containment measures are put in place. We encourage you to prepare business continuity plans if you do not already have them.

Find information on business continuity planning go to (external link).


The Tasmanian Government has launched a dedicated COVID-19 website at (external link).

Health resources

Please check these links regularly for updates

Health fact sheets about COVID-19

Novel coronavirus: Department of Health Tasmania (external link) This website has many fact sheets and posters you can download and display/share with your colleagues, family and family about face masks, handwashing and hygiene, home isolation, self assessment, schools, public transport, and more.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) health alert: Australian Government Department of Health (external link)

Workplace safety resources

Please check these links regularly for updates

Coronavirus: Comcare (external link)

Coronavirus (COVID 19) Advice for employers: Safe Work Australia (external link)

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Advice and guidance for NSW workplaces (external link) Includes business preparedness and work health and risk assessment

Preparing for a pandemic: A guide for employers: WorkSafe Victoria (external link)

Working safely from home

Minimising the risk of COVID-19: Working from home: WorkSafe Victoria (external link) Includes information about ergonomics, keeping in touch, and managing mental wellbeing

A safe telecommute from home: WorkCover Queensland (external link) Covers how to ensure a worker’s at-home work area meets work health and safety requirements

Working from home checklist: ComCare (external link)

Mental wellbeing/support resources

Please check these links regularly for updates

Beyond Blue (external link) 1300 22 4636

Lifeline (external link) 13 11 14

Head to Health: Australian Government Department of Health (external link)

Workers compensation resources

Please check these links regularly for updates

COVID-19 and workers compensation in Tasmania

Fair Work Ombudsman

WorkSafe Tasmania cannot provide advice about workplace entitlements and obligations if you’re affected by the outbreak of Covid-19, including information about stand downs from work, working arrangements impacted by school closures, and pay and sick leave entitlements. For this information visit the Fair Work Ombudsman website (external link).

Industry specific resources

Please check these links regularly for updates

Making space on construction sites: HIA (external link) (PDF, 40.0 KB)

Fireworks displays

Due to COVID-19 and directions issued under the Public Health Act 1997 about mass gatherings, WorkSafe Tasmania will not be issuing fireworks permits for 2020.

Updated: 27th March 2020