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Farmers fatally crushed using tractors

In the last two years, two farmers have been fatally crushed when the wheels of the tractors they were operating travelled over them.

WorkSafe’s initial findings into both incidents show:

  • the farmers probably dismounted their tractors to complete a task
  • the engines were left running while positioned on a slight decline
  • the farmers tried to unsuccessfully get back on their tractors, which then travelled over them.

Investigations into the most recent fatality are still underway.

Action required

Agricultural tractors are generally safe when operated appropriately. However they can be dangerous if used incorrectly.

To use your tractor safely:

  • always be alert and familiar with your surroundings while operating a tractor
  • conduct a pre-start check to ensure the brake, handbrake and clutch are working appropriately
  • do not dismount the tractor while the engine is running unless the transmission is in the neutral or park position and the handbrake is engaged
  • never attempt to dismount or mount a moving tractor
  • if an attachment becomes blocked, you should stop the tractor, disconnect the drive to the attachment, and stop the moving parts of the attachment before removing the obstruction
  • chock both sides of the tractor using purpose-built chocks to prevent the tractor rolling
  • follow the manufacturer’s operating instruction for safe operation.


Managing the risks of plant in the workplace code of practice

Farming Safely in Tasmania (PDF, 780.6 KB)


Updated: 9th June 2022
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