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New WRP Accreditation Framework Decisions

Board Meeting August 2022

The WorkCover Tasmania Board considered stakeholder feedback received in response to the Issues Paper and recommendations presented by the Rehabilitation and Compensation Committee at its 10 August 2022 meeting.

Decisions made by the Board are:


New and currently practicing WRPs will be required to acquire and maintain full membership, accreditation, or registration with one of the following professional associations or Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency (AHPRA) registration boards:

  • Australian Association of Social Workers
  • Australian Society of Rehabilitation Counsellors (ASORC)
  • Chiropractic Board of Australia (new)
  • Exercise and Sports Science Australia
  • Medical Board
  • Nurses Registration Board
  • Occupational Therapy Board of Australia
  • Osteopathy Board of Australia (new)
  • Physiotherapy Board of Australia
  • Psychology Board of Australia
  • Rehabilitation Counselling Association of Australia
  • Speech Pathology Australia

And have 12 months or more recent experience (that is, within the last 5 years) delivering workplace rehabilitation services.

Where an individual has less than 12 months recent experience delivering workplace rehabilitation services, a comprehensive induction program must be completed with professional supervision provided for at least 12 months.


The following membership levels are approved, as a pathway towards full membership:

  • ASORC associate membership
  • AHPRA provisional registration for psychologists
  • AHPRA limited registration for overseas applicants in some situations

With 2 years being an appropriate timeframe to enable full membership.

A longer transition period may be requested if further studies or supervision is required, however, the WRP organisation is responsible for submitting their case on behalf of the individual. Their application must identify the professional association who can vet the pathway towards full membership. Applications will be assessed on a case by case basis.


Recognition of prior learning, if permitted by the relevant professional association, is recognised by the framework.

Noting that the professional body will likely defer this decision to the tertiary institute providing qualifications.


That grandfathering the requirements for currently accredited WRPs or competency-based assessments will not be recognised by the framework.


Social Workers with 'general membership' with the Australian Association of Social Workers are recognised by the framework to undertake the prescribed services listed within the framework, despite there being no current requirement by their professional association for members to undertake continuous professional development.


Osteopaths and chiropractors registered as full members of the Osteopathy Board of Australia or the Chiropractors Board of Australia are recognised by the framework, to undertake the prescribed services listed within the framework, excluding Rehabilitation Counselling and Vocational Assessment.


Paramedics are not recognised by the framework to undertake the prescribed services listed in the framework.


The Australian Institute of Management (AIM) and the Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI) are not included as professional associations, meaning their members are not recognised by the framework to undertake the prescribed services listed within the framework.


Occupational Therapists are recognised by the framework, to undertake the following additional prescribed services to their current approved services:

  • Workplace Assessments (psychological components)
  • Job Analysis (psychological components)
  • Rehabilitation Counselling


Working with Vulnerable People (WWVP) Registration to be made a desirable requirement within the framework.


Supervision plans, as defined within the framework, will be required for:

  • All WRPs transitioning to full membership for their relevant professional association;
  • For all allied health practitioners in their first 12 months (full time) of professional practice as a WRP;
  • For those returning to practice after an absence of greater than 5 years; and
  • For those with a significant change to their scope of practice.


Accreditation is granted to the organisation, rather than the individuals employed within/by the organisation, except in the case of sole practitioners.


The prescribed services provided by each accredited WRP organisation is listed on the WorkSafe Tasmania website.


Each accredited organisation is required to self-report, in relation to their compliance and activities undertaken, in keeping with the requirements of the framework.

This may be in the form of a Declaration of Compliance. A template will be produced by WorkSafe Tasmania staff.


WRPs are required to participate in compliance audits undertaken by WorkSafe Tasmania staff, on behalf of the Board, as required by the framework.


A complaints handling process that is transparent, balanced and timely in its execution, is developed and included within the framework.


That measurable outcomes are to be developed in consultation with stakeholders to monitor the performance of WRPs.

Updated: 14th December 2022
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