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Conducting and providing the annual WHS management systems report

Each year, self insurers will be required to provide a detailed submission to the WorkCover Tasmania Board that demonstrates their:

  • commitment to work health and safety (WHS) and
  • maintenance of the standards against which they have previously been assessed.

The previously accepted standard was assessment against the nation Audit Tool v3 or JAS-ANZ certification (which demonstrated conformance to the national Audit Tool v3). This standard remains unless a self insurer makes a submission of a system that is equal to or of a higher standard.

If your organisation continues to be JAS-ANZ certified, you are required to submit a report outlining your WHS Plan in addition to evidence of your ongoing JAS-ANZ certification and copies of surveillance audit reports detailing your conformance with the specifications of the certifying body.

The annual report should include, but not be limited to:

  • details of your current WHS system
  • the standard to which you maintain your WHS system eg National Audit Tool v3
  • details of how you intend to maintain and monitor your WHS systems
  • report on the previous year’s WHS performance
  • details of any initiatives you've developed for WHS or wellbeing

Your report should be signed by your Chief Executive Officer or authorised senior manager.

The time frame this report is to be provided will be negotiated with WorkCover, and a submission item with the agreed due date will be scheduled in WIMS. See the WIMS user manual.

Updated: 4th April 2022
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