Safety publications

Guides on work health and safety in Tasmania.

After a workplace death PDF, 378.6 KB

This guide will help the family, friends and work colleagues of someone who has died in a workplace incident.

ID: GB376 | Date: 01/2015

Asbestos in mineral kits PDF, 355.6 KB

Safety alert on Asbestos in mineral kits purchased by schools.

ID: | Date: 01/2015

A guide to working safely with Mobile Plant near Overhead and Underground Electrical Lines PDF, 572.6 KB

A guide to working safely with mobile plant near overhead and underground electrical powerlines

ID: GB137 | Date: 01/2015

Welcome to the Workplace - A health and safety guide for new workers PDF, 845.4 KB

Welcome to the Workplace introduces some of the health and safety aspects of being a new worker.

ID: GB140 | Date: 11/2015

Storage and use of LPG at public events PDF, 454.2 KB

Guidelines for the storage and use of liquefied petroleum gas (LP Gas) at public events

ID: GN039 | Date: 11/2014

Inadequate guarding found on mobile plant PDF, 103.5 KB

Safety alert on inadequate guarding found on mobile plant in forest industry

ID: SA102 | Date: 08/2014

Manual Tasks Guide for Carers PDF, 1.6 MB

Information on manual handling for carers. This is a Western Australia guide.

ID: WorkSafe WA | Date: 06/2011

Forklift safety - reducing the risks PDF, 910.1 KB

This publication focuses on simple safety practices and involvement of everyone in the workplace to help reduce the risk of forklift-related injuries.

ID: NHP001 | Date: 07/2012

Managing health and safety in food retail  PDF, 450.9 KB

This handbook aims to assist franchisors develop an effective health and safety system and help franchisees understand how to implement this system in their workplace.

ID: NHP002 | Date: 03/2011

Working in Heat PDF, 415.7 KB

This Guidance Note provides practical advice about how to prevent heat illness from working outdoors in hot weather or where heat is generated as part of your work

ID: NHP004 | Date: 06/2012

Placard Hazardous Chemicals PDF, 806.6 KB

This guide will help the person conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU) at a workplace where hazardous chemicals are stored.

ID: GB023 | Date: 03/2014

Pause exercises poster PDF, 205.1 KB

Shows simple exercises to do whenever you need a break in your working day. Designed to stretch and mobilise the muscles and joints most in need of exercise.

ID: PO015 | Date: 02/2012

The semi-squat approach to lifting poster PDF, 174.4 KB

Poster on how to lift correctly using the semi-squat approach

ID: PO023 | Date: 02/2012

Electrical power tool safety on board marine vessels PDF, 111.7 KB

Safety Alert on Electrical power tool safety on board marine vessels

ID: SA104 | Date: 06/2016

Asbestos in Bunsen burner mats PDF, 183.3 KB

Safety Alert on asbestos in Bunsen burner mats

ID: SA113 | Date: 12/2018

Your guide to Managing Safety in Housing and Construction - Part A PDF, 1.5 MB

Your guide to managing safety in housing and construction has been developed to help you manage your legal work health and safety (WHS) requirements in residential construction. This is Part A of the publication. Part B contains templates and tools.

ID: GB310 | Date: 07/2016

Safe use of side-by-side or multi-utility vehicles  PDF, 114.4 KB

SA103 - Safety alert on an incident with a side-by-side vehicle; and advice for safe use

ID: SA103 | Date: 11/2015

Exposure to Silica Dust PDF, 130.0 KB

Safety alert on control measures for respirable silica dust from engineered stone benchtop manufacturing, finishing and installation industries.

ID: SA112 | Date: 11/2018

Failure of Soft Sling during maintenance PDF, 297.5 KB

Safety Alert on failure of soft sling during maintenance

ID: SA105 | Date: 06/2016

Service Station Hazardous Chemicals PDF, 858.0 KB

This guide will help the person conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU) at a retail fuel outlet to meet their duties for storing, handling and using hazardous chemicals.

ID: GB338 | Date: 03/2014

Traffic Controller alert PDF, 168.7 KB

A traffic controller was positioned in the left lane of a public road, directing traffic around road works. A vehicle failed to stop as directed by the controller. The traffic controller was struck by the vehicle and fatally injured.

ID: | Date: 04/2013

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