Safety in Construction kit

Who the guide will help

Your guide to managing safety in housing and construction also known as the Safety in Construction kit — is aimed at small residential builders, but also aims to help larger residential construction businesses that have more comprehensive requirements.

What the guide is about

This Guide will help you:

  • understand your obligations under the work health and safety laws
  • develop a work health and safety (WHS) management plan for your business
  • develop Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) for high risk construction work.

How to use the guide

  • Part A Guidance: follows the structure of a WHS Management Plan, so you can refer to it as you develop your own plan. It includes roles and responsibilities of people in a construction project, licences for high risk work, emergency preparation, induction, and safe work method statements.
  • Part B Templates and tools: includes a WHS management plan, safe work method statement, daily sign-in register, and site rules. Sample text is included to show how these might look and what you might say, but it’s important you adapt these to suit your business and projects.

Request an Advisor visit

As part of our commitment to helping construction businesses meet their safety obligations, our WorkSafe Advisors can meet with you, deliver your copy of the Safety in Construction kit, and help you understand the contents.

The Advisors are not Inspectors — their role is to support and guide you to creating a safer workplace


Your guide to managing safety in housing and construction: Part A Guidance (PDF, 1.5 MB)

Your guide to managing safety in housing and construction: Part B tools and templates

Safe work method statements (SWMS)

Request an advisor

Updated: 24th February 2020