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2019 WorkSafe Month Webinars

Watch a 2019 WorkSafe Month webinar by clicking on the videos below or going to our YouTube Channel (external link).

Hazardous manual tasks

IPAR Rehabilitation, presented by Ben Steicke

This webinar helps workers better understand their body in relation to their work and empowers them to make positive choices in their daily manual handling activities at work and home. It explores risk factors and manual tasks that can cause musculoskeletal stress and the early signs of this physical stress; and shows how to adjust the workplace and personal behaviours to avoid injury, reduce fatigue and increase comfort.

Mindful me: How to catch a curveball

Healthy Happy Staff, presented by Penni Lamprey

This webinar explores mindfulness as a way of being and living. It introduces the seven elements of a Mindful Me practice (including the now, acceptance, goals, compassion and the ego), and how together, they can increase wellbeing, resilience and the ability to catch life’s curveballs, at work and at home.

Happy hearts, peaceful minds: A new approach to improving mental health

Happy Ground Wellbeing, presented by Dr Ivan Zwart

This webinar explores the mental health benefits of the energetic heart. It explains what the energetic heart is, how to access it, and its effect on mental health. It teaches practical heart exercises to improve your mental health at work and home.

Emotional health through healthy conversations

Livepresent, presented by Anne Whatley-Dale

This webinar explains how to support yourself to be the best version of yourself in the different roles you have; and how to support the emotional health of others. It covers how work quality/productivity is impacted by how we feel; and the importance of communication and healthy conversations with ourselves and with others.

Understanding psychological injury

IPAR Rehabilitation, presented by Jordan Crouch

This webinar explains psychological injuries, how they can be prevented and treated, and psychological first aid. It will help employers with planning and managing return to work for workers with a psychological injury.

Healthy workplace: Understanding discrimination, your rights and responsibilities

Equal Opportunity Tasmania, presented by Jennie Gorringe

This webinar explains discrimination, stereotypes and unconscious bias, harassment and victimisation, and more. It explains the rights and responsibilities that everyone has, effective anti-discrimination strategies for your workplace, the role of Equal Opportunity Tasmania, and the Anti-Discrimination Act.

Working together to prevent exposure to asbestos fibres in order to eliminate asbestos-related disease in Australia

Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency (ASEA)

This webinar explains the National Strategic Plan for Asbestos Awareness and Management, which aims to prevent exposure to asbestos fibres in order to eliminate asbestos-related disease in Australia. It presents findings from ASEA’s research into asbestos awareness, highlighting the need to improve asbestos awareness to influence attitudes and behaviours.

Clinical guideline for diagnosis and management of work-related mental health conditions

Presented by Professor Danielle Mazza, Department of General Practice, Monash University

This webinar provides an overview of the new GP Clinical guidelines for the diagnosis and management of work-related mental health conditions in general practice. Participants will learn about current best-practice approaches for assessment, diagnosis, management, and follow-up for patients with mental health conditions that have or may have arisen as a result of work.

Sun protection in the workplace

Cancer Council, presented by Ella French

This webinar explains why sun protection is important, how to protect your skin, and the importance of early detection, all specifically relating to the workplace.

Updated: 27th July 2022
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