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2020 WorkSafe Month Webinars

Watch a 2020 WorkSafe Month webinar by clicking on the videos below or going to our YouTube Channel (external link).

Become a calming influence inside the chaos

Presented by Garry Mills from Garry Mills Peak Performance

This webinar includes practical activities to help you understand and apply the formula of awareness, intent and action; and help you become the calming influence during stressful times.

How workplace technology and innovation is revolutionising the injury prevention landscape

Presented by Rhys Cooper from Longitude6

This webinar includes practical activities to help you understand and apply the formula of awareness, intent and action; and help you become the calming influence during stressful times.


Presented by Kristen Carroll from Lifeline Tasmania Inc

This webinar examines the impact stress, compassion fatigue, burnout, COVID-19 and vicarious trauma can have on our wellbeing. It explains the signs to look for and the strategies to address them; and includes tips for developing a self-care plan.

Building resilience

Presented by Natasha Cloak from SPEAK UP! Stay ChatTY

This webinar focuses on mental health and stress management. It explains internal and external factors that influence our ability to cope; and how to build resilience so we can move through challenges. It provides tools and strategies to incorporate into your personal and professional daily life to reduce/manage stress and boost positive mental health.

Compliance brings you freedom

Presented by Hazel Smirlis from Compliance Lab

This webinar shows you how to set up and manage systems in your business for greater ‘freedom’. The benefits of such systems include improvements in worker safety, engagement and compliance, and risk management. It will help you shift from being reactive to proactive and will help you innovate and get through times of crisis using systems.

COVID-19 – employers’ legal obligations under the Tasmanian Anti-Discrimination Act 1998 are non-negotiable

Presented by Jennie Gorringe from Equal Opportunity

This webinar explores potential discrimination pitfalls that many employers are currently facing or may face well into the future as we start to come out of the tighter restrictions around COVID-19. It covers management practices/HR and recruitment.

Alcohol and drug use in the workplace – it’s a health and wellbeing issue

Presented by Dave Reynolds and Maurice Dawe

This webinar covers the connection between alcohol and drug use and mental health; and why it should be addressed in a workplace health and wellbeing framework. It covers evidence-based approaches of effective workplace education strategies and policy guidelines.

Developing managers’ capabilities in supporting workplace mental health – looking after your workers, looking after yourself

Presented by Dr Megan Woods from University of Tasmania

This webinar examines how workplace conditions and experiences influence people’s mental health (particularly their experiences of stress and burnout). It presents simple ways to support the mental health of you and your workers.

Supervisor’s guide to managing the injured worker

Presented by Angelina Lee from PhysioForward

This webinar explains the roles of those involved in the return to work process for an injured worker. It includes timeframes for recovery, how to manage and prepare the workplace for the return of the injured workers, how supervisors and work colleagues can impact the recovery process and the cost of not getting it right.

Psychological injury – towards safe and durable return to work

Presented by Anne-Marie Dean and Ruth Feeger from
Tasmanian Association of Vocational Rehabilitation Providers (TAVRP)

This webinar provides an overview of the challenges faced and potential strategies that can be used in managing workplace psychological injury, including case studies to illustrate these.

Protecting the mental health of small businesses during COVID-19 recovery

Presented by Linda Sheahan from Beyond Blue and Yohana Franklin from Everymind

This webinar includes case studies, practical examples and resources to help small business and their stakeholders manage their mental health during the COVID-19 recovery phase.

Powerful resilience – mental and physical health through heart and mind teamwork

Presented by Klaus Baur from Heart2Heart Foundation

This webinar explores how the mind and heart can collaborate to increase resilience. It shows how having a peaceful mind improves mental health and relationships at work and home; how a strong heart improves focus, attention and availability; and how both improve team cohesion and performance.

Industry snapshots – workers compensation

Presented by Vicki Tabor from WorkSafe Tasmania

This webinar provides an insight into workers compensation performance data for industry groups across Tasmania in 2019.  Snapshots provide an overview of the workforce; and data on workers compensation injuries and causes including action areas identified in the WorkSafe Strategic Plan 2018-2023. It will also look back at the last three years of data regarding priority industries and conditions.

Managing hidden psychological injury in the workplace

Presented by Dr Kieran Holm from Positive Solutions

This webinar increases awareness about the extent and impact of work-related mental health injuries; and what employers and workers can do to minimise and reduce these.

How to retain and attract a mentally healthy team

Presented by Bianca Welsh from Stillwater Restaurant, Seven Rooms and Black Cow Bistro

This webinar explains the bio-psycho-social model of psychology to assist in your understanding of mental health and mental illness.  It also provides practical guidance about workplace practices and behaviours that can increase staff retention, productivity and contribute to a positive workplace culture.

Respect and culture – workplace 2020

Presented by Roz Taylor from Respect at Work

This webinar explores the impact of respect and disrespect in the workplace, what respectful and supportive workplaces are (including post-COVID-19), workplace values, communication and transparency, responsibilities and more.

Management of COVID-19 in the workplace

Presented by Brad Parker from WorkSafe Tasmania

This webinar covers risks associated with COVID-19. Hear about undertaking risk assessments and reviewing controls to reduce the risk, integrating infectious diseases control into your safety management system, industry-specific challenges and more.

Balancing act – employers and employees talking about the next life stage

Presented by Ros Herbert and Lyn McGaurr from Council on the Ageing (COTA Tasmania)

This webinar discusses workplace ageism and considers innovative paths to create better options for employers and older workers. It shows employers how age diversity is good for workers and good for business.  It also encourages employers to tackle ageism and help their workers gain information about their financial, workplace and social options as they approach significant life stages, all without stigma or loss of choices. It shows workers how to plan and prepare for life and working life changes and find opportunities that work for them. This is a joint WorkSafe Month/Seniors Week presentation.

Find cancer early

Presented by Ella French from Cancer Council Tasmania

This webinar raises awareness about the signs and symptoms of the five most common cancers in Tasmania and the importance of getting checked by a doctor if you notice anything unusual. It explains the three national cancer screening programs.

Just culture in practice – is there a fine line between preventive and punitive measures?

Presented by Associate Professor Nektarios Karanikas from Queensland University of Technology

This webinar explores just culture and its role in WHS, safety errors and workplace safety culture.

Respirator fit testing – why and how

Presented by Mark Reggers from 3M

This webinar explains what respirator fit testing is and its place within a respiratory protection program. It will cover the different methodologies and considerations for workplaces looking to implement fit testing as part of a respiratory program in their workplace.

Respect at work – understanding gendered violence as a WHS issue

Presented by Jessica Munday from Unions Tasmania

This webinar discusses gendered violence – from ‘gay’ or ‘blonde’ jokes through to sexual harassment and assault – as a WHS issue; and how to identify it and eliminate it in the workplace.

Sedentary work and public health – integrating the evidence and identifying potential solutions

Presented by Professor David Dunstan from Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute, and Associate Professor Genevieve Healy from University of Queensland

This webinar explains the adverse health consequences of too much sitting, especially the associations with chronic diseases. It presents the BeUpstanding program that supports workplaces to create and sustain a ‘dynamic work environment’ where sitting less and moving more is the norm.

Exercise physiology – task specific exercise programs in the workers compensation arena

Presented by Justin Ockerby from IPAR Rehabilitation

This webinar explains what an exercise physiologist is and how they differ to other allied health professionals. It shows how recreating work tasks in a gym setting is beneficial for a safe, efficient and sustainable return to work.

Recovery blueprint – introducing risk identification in real life

Presented by Dr Ross Iles from Monash University

This webinar presents work completed by WorkCover Queensland and Monash University around risk screening of workers compensation case management; and on introducing a consistent approach to identifying factors that increase the risk of a delayed return to work in an accepted workers compensation claim.

SunSmart in the workplace

Presented by Ella French from Cancer Council Tasmania

This webinar covers the importance of sun protection, how to protect your skin, how to improve workers’ behaviours around sun protection and the importance of early detection of skin cancer specifically relating to the workplace.

Ever made a mistake?

Presented by David Bentley from Just Leadership

This webinar explains how ‘compliance and consequence’ approaches can decrease communication, disclosure and overall safety by stifling discussion and therefore hazard recognition. It uses aviation case studies where strict compliance measures and the psychological environment they created actually contributed to incidents. This is contrasted with examples of the introduction of a Just Culture approach and the benefits this brings.

Putting the ‘I’ in risk assessment in ‘novel’ workplace design

Presented by Daniella Polita, Maree Webber, Andrea Ireland, Lorna Farquhar and Liz Freeman from TAS Ergonomic Collaborative

This webinar explains how risk assessment and solutions need to be customised to individual workers; and how workers should be engaged in the processes of decision making and solution identification.

Using wearable technology to reduce injury risk

Presented by Scott Coleman from Preventure Pty Ltd

This webinar focuses on workplace injury prevention using movement analysis to identify unknown injury risks, measure risk reduction and drive sustainable behaviour change in workers.

The management of mental health issues in the workplace – the legal perspective

Presented by Luke Taylor and Sarah Sealy from HWL Ebsworth Lawyers

This webinar considers the legal implications of mental health issues and claims in the workplace from an employment and safety perspective. It covers the management of subsequent legal issues such as WHS concerns and workers compensation claims.

WHS governance – building culture, capability and compliance

Presented by Alison Merridew and Alicia Leis from WLF Accounting & Advisory

This webinar explores WHS governance, structures, processes and systems within an organisation that enables effective WHS risk management. It will help you assess the effectiveness of WHS governance in your own organisation.

The path back from isolation – enhancing employee wellbeing and performance post COVID-19

Presented by Associate Professor Kimberley Norris from University of Tasmania

This webinar explores how as workers return to work from working from home after COVID-19, workplaces need to build a culture of psychological safety and capability to survive and thrive. It provides short and long term strategies for safety, wellbeing and performance that support workers as they transition to the ‘new normal’.

HSR panel discussion – making positive safety change in the workplace

Presented by Jessica Munday from Unions Tasmania

This webinar is a panel discussion with elected health and safety representatives sharing their experiences of making positive safety change at work. It focuses on the barriers to change, overcoming those barriers and the importance of consultation and co-operation.

Management of respirable silica dust in the workplace

Presented by Anthony Warwick from WorkSafe Tasmania

This webinar explains what respirable crystalline silica is, examples of activities that give rise to it and the health risks of being exposed to it. It explains critical control measures for reducing exposure and risks from any exposure, include scenarios.

Creating a mentally healthy workplace starts with you – what, why and how

Presented by Wendy French from Talking about…Training

This webinar explores the role of the workplace in managing mental health issues in a post-COVID-19 world; and the legal, human and financial benefits of doing so. It will cover action steps to help you develop an integrated approach to managing workplace mental health and psychological safety.

Updated: 27th July 2022
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