About the Right to Information Act

Under the Right to Information Act 2009, you have the right to obtain information held by public authorities and ministers, and this includes WorkSafe Tasmania and WorkCover Tasmania.

We release information in four ways, in accordance with the Act:

  • Required Disclosure: where disclosure is required by the law. For example, the WorkCover Tasmania Board must publish its annual report each year
  • Routine Disclosure: where information is released because it may be of interest to the public. For example, the latest return to work survey is published on the Safe Work Australia website
  • Active Disclosure: where information is released because it has been requested (except where information needs to be requested by making an application for assessed disclosure; see next point). For example, where a worker has asked to be given their own workers compensation claims history information; or where a worker is seeking a copy of their own statement made to a WorkSafe Tasmania inspector
  • Assessed Disclosure: where information is released because it has been requested through a formal right to information application. For example, a solicitor may ask for workers compensation claims history information on behalf of a third party (for example, a worker or insurance company) by submitting a right to information application to WorkCover Tasmania. Where someone is seeking details relating to a WorkSafe Tasmania investigation, requests for assessed disclosure must be directed to the Department of Justice's Right to information Office.

Information must be disclosed unless is it exempt information under the Act.

Right to Information Act 2009 (external link).

Updated: 13th March 2020