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Healthy Tasmanian Workplaces

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Healthy Tasmanian Workplaces aims to help workplaces turn their good intentions into sustainable healthy habits, and improve health and wellbeing for Tasmanian workers, particularly focusing on smoking, obesity, poor nutrition and low physical activity levels.

Find information about how you and your workplace can get involved at the Healthy Tasmanian Workplaces website (external link).


Healthy Tasmanian Workplaces will focus on a holistic approach to both physical and psychosocial lifestyle habits, and will build on existing resources, tools and partnerships.


As well as those on the Healthy Tasmanian Workplaces website (external link), WorkSafe Tasmania has many tools and resources for health, safety and wellbeing, including:


Ritualize is an award-winning 12-month program designed to improve overall health and wellbeing of workers at work and at home, by helping them build healthy habits in the areas of movement, nutrition, sleep, mindset and social connectedness.

Ritualize has worked with public health services (the Department of Health and Human Services) to improve a previous pilot program.

It will be available FREE to every Tasmanian workplace.

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The objective of the Ritualize is to help Tasmanian workplaces engage with workers through a scalable app-based healthy and safe lifestyle program. It will do this by:

  • challenging participants to embed incremental healthier and safer behaviours , including eating, physical activity, sleep, and resilience
  • providing a useful and practical engagement tool for workplaces to promote health, safety and wellbeing

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Updated: 28th February 2020