Category 6: Excellence in an individual's contribution to rehabilitation and return to work

This award recognises an individual’s outstanding efforts in rehabilitation and stay at/return to work, and in improving the workplace’s rehabilitation culture.

To be eligible for this award individuals must have contributed to the successful rehabilitation and stay at/return to work of a worker. Individuals may include but are not limited to Injury Management Co-ordinators, Rehabilitation Providers, Return to Work Co-ordinators, Case Managers, health professionals or a workplace manager or supervisor overseeing the stay at/return to work program of a worker.

Successful rehabilitation and stay at/return to work of a worker may include demonstrated commitment to the return to work of injured workers, innovation in return to/stay at work (including implementing new return to work solutions, systems, products or programs), improvement to an organisation’s return to work culture, or other measures that improve return to work outcomes.

Entry criteria

  1. Explain how you demonstrate excellence in service delivery and improved return to work outcomes for injured workers and organisations.
  2. What strategies or initiatives have you implemented to improve services or outcomes for injured workers, your organisation or your industry?
  3. How do you lead and influence your organisation, workers and industry to continuously improve rehabilitation and return to work strategies, outcomes and culture?

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