Category 3: Excellence in work health and safety culture

This award recognises demonstrated commitment to continuous improvement of work health and safety outcomes through the creation and continuation of an outstanding safety culture.

An outstanding safety culture is demonstrated through leadership, behaviours, values, workforce engagement and participation; and reinforced across the organisation.

Excellence in safety culture must be demonstrated at all levels of the organisation, from senior management’s commitment to health and safety, to workers’ communication and ownership of responsibility.

Two awards will be presented in this category:

  • small business (less than 20 employees or full time equivalent)
  • large business (20 or more employees or full time equivalent).

Entry criteria

  1. Describe your organisation's work health and safety culture and its key components.
  2. How do your workers and management demonstrate and take ownership of your work health and safety culture across the organisation?
  3. How is your work health and safety culture fully integrated into the organisation?
  4. How has your safety work health and culture impacted the operation of your organisation?

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