Wellbeing organisation resources

Healthy eating

Australian Dietary Guidelines

Provide advice on the amount and kinds of foods we need to eat for health and wellbeing. Provides food calculators and resources.

Diabetes Tasmania

Ph: 1300 745 153

Provides nutrition education sessions for those at risk or diagnosed with type 2 diabetes; and healthy shopping tours to demystify food labelling.

Dieticians Association of Australia

Ph: (02) 6163 5200

Provides information on finding an accredited practicing dietician in your area; and recipes, virtual shopping tours to learn about comparing food labels, and personal healthy eating assessments.

Eat Well Tasmania

Ph: 03 6223 1266

Provides support for activities or projects promoting enjoyable healthy eating, including the Healthier Options in Vending – Employer Resources and free access to seminars, workshops and resources such as the Eat Well newsletters.

Heart Foundation

Ph: 1300 362 787
03 6224 2722 Hobart

Provides healthy catering guidelines for workplaces, healthy recipes, information about healthy weight, body mass index and waist circumference, food labelling and nutrition panels, and other resources.

Nutrition Australia

Ph: 03 8341 5800

Provides information on labelling, healthy recipes, latest facts and research guidelines. Provides workplace seminars, cooking demonstrations, one-on-one consultation, and e-newsletter (all at a cost and available statewide).

Population Health, Community Nutrition Unit

Ph: 1300 135 513

Provides support to implement healthier eating practices in the workplace; write a healthy workplace catering policy; and implement healthier options for workplace canteens.

Smoking, alchol and other drugs

Alcohol and Drug Information Service, Dept Health and Human Services

1800 811 994

Provides information and links to referral services, education providers and assessments on alcohol and drug related issues.

Australian Drug Foundation

Ph: 1800 811 994

Provides free resources on preventing and reducing harm by alcohol and other drug use.

Drug Education Network

Ph: 03 6336 7950

Provides workplace education programs on caffeine, alcohol and drugs (on a fee-paying basis).

Quit Tasmania

Ph: 03 6228 2921
Quitline 13 78 48

Offers the Quitline service, a free telephone counselling service on quitting smoking and remaining smoke-free; and provides resources and group seminars to workplaces.

General health and chronic disease prevention

Arthritis Foundation

1800 011 041

Provides information on arthritis, osteoporosis and associated conditions; can link you to support groups in your area for activities such as tai chi.

Asthma Australia

Ph: 1800 278 462

Provides information and resources on how to control your asthma.

Australian Breastfeeding Association

Ph: 03 9885 0855

Provides information to workplaces on becoming breastfeeding friendly; and to mothers on approaching their employer on breastfeeding at work.

Cancer Council of Tasmania

Ph: 13 11 20

Provides information, services and fundraising for cancer related issues.

Continence Foundation of Australia

Ph: 1800 330 066

Promotes bladder and bowel health. Provides bowel health apps with pelvic floor exercises and tips for good bowel health.

Dept Health and Human Services

Ph: 03 6216 4331

Offers free workplace workshops on cancer awareness and screening.

Diabetes Education Services, Dept Health and Human Services

Ph: 03 6222 8403 South
03 6348 7815 North
03 6430 6583 Nth West

Provides training and support for diabetes education programs.

Heart Foundation

Ph: 03 6224 2722

Provides information on chronic heart disease prevention and Heart Foundation events.


Ph: 1300 789 978

Provides telephone and online support, information and referral service for men to deal with relationship issues/ Provides online resources for your workplace.

National Stroke Foundation

Ph: 1300 194 196

Has StrokeSafe Ambassadors available to speak to your workplace about preventing a stroke and recognising the signs of a stroke using the FAST test.

Tasmanian Women's Health Information Line

Ph: 1800 675 028

Provides free and confidential information on general health issues and support services for women.

Social and emotional wellbeing

Anglicare Tasmania

Ph: 1800 243 232
03 6430 3333 NthWest
03 6333 3000 North
03 6213 3555 South

Provides support to people with mental illness, including recreational and community activities, at home practical support to encourage independence, and 24/7 centre-based support.

Beyond Blue

Ph: 1300 224 636

Provides free online resources on workplace stress, mental health and returning to work. Register online for resources to be sent to your workplace. Also offers Workplace Based Mental Health training for executives, managers and workers.

Carers Tasmania

Ph: 03 6231 5507
1800 242 636

Offers services and programs to support family carers.


Ph: 1800 558 268

Provides a peer supported program for growth and personal development to people with a mental illness and those people experiencing difficulty in coping with life's challenges

me Bank
*Contact – Caron Hitchcock

Ph: 03 6220 8914
0434 474 171

Provides free workplace workshops on financial wellbeing. Building Financial Confidence Program has modules addressing different life stages, including starting out, buying a home, having a family, and retiring.

Mental Health Council Tasmania

Ph: 03 6224 9222
FreeCall 1800 808 890

The Mental Health Council of Tasmania (MHCT) is the peak body representing the interests of the community mental health sector in Tasmania including consumer, carer and service provider organisations

Mental Health Services, Dept Health and Human Services

Ph: 03 6230 7736

Lists mental health services in your community.

MI Fellowship

Ph: 03 6333 3111

Improves awareness of mental illness through general community education. Offers a two-day Mental First Aid Training course.

Reach Out

Provides web-based service that inspires young people to help themselves through tough times and find ways to boost their wellbeing through online information and conversation groups.

Relationships Australia

Ph: 1300 364 277
03 6211 4050 South
03 6336 7000 North

Delivers services in Hobart, Launceston and Devonport; with counselling, education and some services available by appointment in regional locations.

Richmond Fellowship Tas Inc

Ph: 03 6228 3344

Provides rehabilitation and support services to encourage mental health and emotional wellbeing through supported accommodation and activities.

Physical activity

Fitness Australia

Ph: 1300 211 311

Provides information about new fitness trends, research and regulations; access to registered fitness professionals and recognised fitness providers (such as gyms); and templates such as pre-exercise screening forms, ideal for workplaces thinking of holding physical activity programs or onsite gyms.

Heart Foundation Tasmania

Ph: 1300 36 27 87
03 6224 2722 Hobart

Has a network of community-based walking groups and more than 45 area co-ordinators which can link to business and help establish a walking group in a workplace or community. Provides information on a healthy body mass index and waist circumference.

Local Government Association of Tasmania

Ph: 03 6233 5966

Provides links to local councils with healthy community initiatives (such as bike tracks, challenges and walking groups).

Premier's Physical Activity Council

Ph: 1800 252 476

Provides information on physical activity benefits, recommendations, activities, events and merchandise (such as pedometers).

Sport and Recreation Tasmania

Ph: 1800 252 476

Provides information on sport and recreation providers, funding and grants, and sport and recreation events and activities.