High risk work


You must hold a High Risk Work (HRW) licence to operate high risk equipment.

For exceptions to this, see section 1 of guide GB101 below.

Applying for a new high risk work licence 


To apply for a licence to perform high risk work or to have an additional class added to your licence, you must:

  • be 18 years of age and 
  • have successfully completed a competency assessment with an accredited HRW licence assessor.

For full details, see section 2 of A Guide to High Risk Work Licensing in Tasmania.

How to apply 

At a Service Tasmania shop, you must submit:

  • the application form Licence to perform high risk work (GF083) with the relevant fee
  • a Current Assessment and Interim Summary Assessment, which you will receive from an accredited assessor
  • evidence of your identity

You will have your photograph taken for the licence.

Receiving your licence

You should receive your licence within 60 days.

If you don't, you'll need to contact WorkSafe.

If you don't contact WorkSafe, you may need to re-apply at Service Tasmania and pay a new fee.

Interstate licences and renewals

If you have an interstate licence and you are now a permanent resident of Tasmania you can renew your licence here.

If you have a Tasmanian licence and you are now a resident of another state/territory, you must renew your licence in that state/territory.


Training at the workplace is not allowed until you are formally enrolled with a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and are undergoing supervised training towards gaining assessment for a HRW licence.

If you are an interstate resident, the RTO must request approval from WorkSafe before enrolling you.

If approval is given and you are found competent, the RTO needs to ensure that the you submit your application to Service Tasmania before leaving Tasmania.

If for some reason it is not possible for you to go to Service Tasmania, further approval from WorkSafe will be required.

Renewing your HRW licence

You'll need to renew your licence every 5 years. WorkSafe Tasmania will post you a renewal notice, to the address you have registered with us.

How to renew

At a Service Tasmania shop, you must submit:

  • either the renewal notice posted by WorkSafe Tasmania or the renewal form 'Licence to Perform High Risk Work Renewal' (GF084), with the relevant fee
  • your current HRW licence for identification or evidence of your identity.

You will have your photograph taken for the licence.

Receiving your renewed licence

If you do not receive your renewed licence within 60 days of your application, you'll need to call WorkSafe.

If you did not renew your licence by the due date, you have within 12 months of the expiry date to do so.

You cannot perform high risk work while your licence has expired.

Re-assessment is required if you do not renew your licence within this 12 months.

Replacing licences and changing contact details

You are required to notify WorkSafe in writing as soon as practicable if your licence is lost, stolen or destroyed you can apply for a replacement licence.

You will be required to:

  • complete the application (GF083) including your licence number (if known)
  • pay the prescribed fee
  • describe the reason a replacement licence is required

If you do not receive your new licence within 60 days of the application you will need to contact WorkSafe.

If there are 90 days or less before your card is due to be renewed, you may simply follow the directions for renewing your licence.

Changing your contact details

Notify Worksafe Tasmania in writing and within 14 days of the changes occurring if you

  • change your residential/postal address details change
  • change your name (you'll need to provide us with evidence)
  • become incapable of competently performing the high risk work
  • have your licence suspended or cancelled by another state or territory.