You must not prime or fire explosives in Tasmania unless you:

  • hold a shot-firing permit issued by WorkSafe Tasmania, or
  • have a permit from an interstate shot-firing authority which is 'mutually recognised' by WorkSafe Tasmania.

In almost all cases you will also need a Security-sensitive Dangerous Substances (SSDS) permit from WorkSafe Tasmania.

WorkSafe Tasmania reminds all shot-firers and people commissioning blasting work to call Dial Before You Dig on 1100 or go to the Dial Before You Dig website to find out what underground services are near.

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Applying for a permit

Submit the approved form Application for shot-firing permit (GF003) at a Service Tasmania shop.

You can also use this form to:

  • renew your shot-firer permit
  • have an interstate shot-firing permit recognised by WorkSafe Tasmania
  • seek approval from WorkSafe Tasmania to undertake an approved shot-firing training course.

Permits to undertake shot-firing will only be issued if you:

  • are 18 years of age or older 
  • have a legitimate need for the permit
  • are a 'fit and proper person' as determined by a National Police Record Check

Permit period

A shot-firing permit is valid for 3 years unless cancelled, revoked, or issued for a shorter period.

Shot-firing forms

Shot-Firing Permit PDF, 582.4 KB

For persons to obtain authority to prime/fire explosives for categories(s) specified in the Explosives Act 2012

ID: GF003

Accreditation Shot-firing Courses and Instructors PDF, 479.7 KB

For a corporation or other person to make application for accreditation of a shot-firing training course. For persons to make application for accreditation as a shot-firing instructor.

ID: GF003

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