If an organisation or member of the public intends to hold a fireworks display on any day other than Cracker Night, it will be necessary for a pyrotechnician to be nominated. That is, the laws relating to Type 3 fireworks displays will also apply to all Type 2 fireworks displays held on a day of the year other than Cracker Night.

The purposes for which a fireworks display may be held will remain unchanged:

  • New Year’s Eve celebration
  • Commonwealth Day celebration (Cracker Night)
  • a traditional cultural occasion
  • a finale to a major sporting or recreational event
  • a school fair
  • a community fair
  • the celebration of a major anniversary or milestone of political, historical or other significance to the Commonwealth or Tasmania
  • the performance of an artistic work that incorporates or is associated with the use of explosives
  • a military tattoo
  • the opening or anniversary of a major commercial enterprise
  • a purpose that substantially corresponds to one of these purposes.