Injured workers

Help yourself get back to work

  • Recognise that you don't have to be 100% recovered before you return to work.
  • Seek advice and explanations about your injury so you can be confident about self managing your recovery.
  • Be an active participant in return to work processes.
  • Work with your employer to identify suitable duties.
  • Work within the restrictions provided by your doctor so you don't risk re-injury.
  • Make sure you raise any issues or concerns immediately.

Health benefits

Your health and wellbeing are actually improved if you can stay at work during your recovery, or if you can return to work as soon as possible.


You don't have to be fully recovered or to have finished medical treatment before you can go back to work. In fact

  • a complete recovery is not often achieved before return to work
  • the longer you are away from work, the less chance you have of ever returning
  • work is generally good for your health and wellbeing

Health risks

Being out of work long term can significantly impact your long-term wellbeing. Some of the figures show that

  • in general, suicide increases by 6 times
  • for young men out of work (for 6 months or more), suicide increases 40 times

It is a greater health risk than most dangerous jobs and can lead to worsening physical, psychological, social and financial effects.