WorkSafer Expo presentations 2017

Dr Helena Popovic

Boost Your Brain (PDF, 123 KB)

Learn practical ways to improve the functioning of your greatest asset: your brain. The emerging field of neuroplasticity has shown the brain can change its own structure and grow new cells in response to what we do, what we think and how we behave. This session will give you useful tips to sharpen your thinking, improve your memory and help you perform at your peak on a daily basis.

Turn Stress Into Success (PDF, 530 KB)

Intermittent stress is not bad; it builds up our resilience and switches on performance-enhancing chemicals. However severe stress has a detrimental effect on our performance, physical, mental and emotional health. Learn how we can use stress to our advantage and gain successful outcomes.

Stephen Dowling, Delivering Safe Services

Strategies to overcome the stigma of mental illness at work (PDF, 2.32 MB)

Stephen’s presentation will draw on lessons learnt by the RU OK? Foundation and Mental Health First Aid Australia, and also address practical organisational issues to translate health and wellness strategies to action.

Jimmy Thomson, The Jonah Group

What the….? Exploring the impact of ‘Limbic Risk’ to Safety’ (PDF, 1.08 MB)

Jimmy’s presentation will cover: Why the brain disengages; The 5 key elements of Limbic Risk;  What are your crocodiles?; What you can do for yourself and your workforce; and Making a 2⁰ shift to transform your safety results.

Joanne Curran

Speak up and be heard! Practical communication tips (PDF, 122 KB)

If you ever wonder how best to say something or if you should say something, then this session is for you. We will consider aspects of face to face communication; from voice modulation to the content of the message. Invest some time to reflect on your communication style and whether it is working for you. Leave with an inventory of your personal communication characteristics and a handy checklist for next time you have something you want people to hear.