Physical activity

Fitness Australia

Ph: 1300 211 311

Provides information about new fitness trends, research and regulations; access to registered fitness professionals and recognised fitness providers (such as gyms); and templates such as pre-exercise screening forms, ideal for workplaces thinking of holding physical activity programs or onsite gyms.

Heart Foundation Tasmania

Ph: 1300 36 27 87
03 6224 2722 Hobart

Has a network of community-based walking groups and more than 45 area co-ordinators which can link to business and help establish a walking group in a workplace or community. Provides information on a healthy body mass index and waist circumference.

Local Government Association of Tasmania

Ph: 03 6233 5966

Provides links to local councils with healthy community initiatives (such as bike tracks, challenges and walking groups).

Shape Up

Ph: 1800 671 738

Provides information on healthy waist measurement through the Measure Up campaign. Provides information about simple nutrition and physical activity swaps through the Swap It, Don't Stop It campaign.

Premier's Physical Activity Council

Ph: 1800 252 476

Provides information on physical activity benefits, recommendations, activities, events and merchandise (such as pedometers).

Sport and Recreation Tasmania

Ph: 1800 252 476

Provides information on sport and recreation providers, funding and grants, and sport and recreation events and activities.