Important Information For ‘TYPE 2’ Firework permit applicants

Your application is likely to be refused if safety and administrative requirements of the Explosives legislation cannot be met. Including the following:

  • unable to meet minimum ‘separation distances’
  • significant fire risk, particularly during summer season
  • significant risk to native animals in a sanctuary or conservation area (within 5 km)
  • risk to livestock in semi-rural areas with a concentration of private horse ownership, such as: Orielton, Acton Park, Sandford, Devon Hills, Dodges Ferry and Carlton
  • close proximity to animal kennels (within 1 km)
  • multiple applications for same date and location
  • proposed event is not an ‘approved purpose’
  • landowner consent has not been obtained
  • previous non-compliance with permit conditions
  • objections from Tasmania Fire Service, Tasmania Police or relevant Local Council
  • application not lodged at least 21 days before the date of the proposed display
  • falsified and/or incomplete information

The fee is non-refundable for refused applications.

Before making an application, you should be aware of your display site surroundings and communicate with neighbouring property owners to identify any specific risks.

If you are unsure of whether your application might be refused, you can contact WorkSafe Tasmania on 1300 366 322 prior to making application. However it must be lodged at least 21 days before the intended display date.