Obtaining information

WorkSafe Tasmania makes all information held on our files available to the public (unless an exemption applies under the Right to Information Act 2009).

The Right to Information Act 2009 provides for greater access to information held by government bodies by encouraging the regular disclosure of information.
To search for WorkSafe Tasmania information, as well as the legislative framework which supports the release of information, follow the directions below:

Active disclosure (routine information about yourself or your business)

WorkSafe Tasmania
PO Box 56

Workers compensation

For workers compensation claims history information

WorkSafe Tasmania Information Disclosure Policy

Some information may be purchased in accordance with our Information Disclosure Policy. This includes:

  • accident/incident investigations (where only personal information requires exemption)
  • bullying complaint investigations
  • dangerous substances site information (current and historical - requires an authority from owner or leasee, please refer to Dangerous substances authorisation (pdf, 442.9 KB) GF153)

Accident/incident investigation reports will not be released until the investigation is complete.


A minimum search fee of $38.25 (includes GST) applies with an additional charge of $38.25 per hour thereafter for processing. Information can be provided by CD, email or photocopy. Charges apply.

Right to Information (assessed disclosure)

Assessed disclosure is the method of "last resort" and is a formal application for information from our Agency.

If you cannot find the information via one of the means above, contact the Right to Information Unit by calling WorkSafe on 1300 366 322 and we will assist you in finding it. If it is not readily available we will assist you to make an Application for Assessed Disclosure.

This may include accident/incident investigations proceeding to prosecution or where RTI exemptions apply to information you require.

Application for Assessed Disclosure (PDF, 2 pages) GF154

Department of Justice - Right to Information