Injury management guides

Guidance for employers

Comcare Barriers to Return to Work

This a summary of current literature about barriers to return to work. It focusses on factors that influence return to work including individual perceptions and workplace relationships.

Developing and managing an Employer Injury Management Policy PDF, 79.0 KB

This information sheet helps employers develop and manage their Injury Management Policy

ID: E-1 | Date: 10/2012

Register of alternative duties within the workplace PDF, 245.8 KB

Information provided by the employer with this form will help the insurer assess the employer’s ability to provide alternative duties within their workplace.

ID: GB199 | Date: 07/2011

Guidance on benefits

Injury Management - Making it Work PDF, 379.2 KB

This Making it Work guide explains injury management. It encourages employers and workers to look beyond simply meeting their legislative obligations and see the benefits of actively managing an injured worker's return to work

ID: GB197 | Date: 01/2015

Return to Work and Injury Mangagement - Making it Work (Poster) PDF, 50.7 KB

This Making it Work poster summarises the key components of injury management in your workplace.

ID: PO021 | Date: 01/2015

The benefits of returning to work PDF, 128.5 KB

This information sheet aims to help everyone involved in the injury management process understand why returning to work is so important and what they can do to help injured workers return to work

ID: IS083 | Date: 01/2015

Guidance on preparing plans

About return to work and injury management plans PDF, 217.8 KB

This information sheet helps those involved in developing return to work plans and injury management plans understand how these plans differ and how best to apply them

ID: IS014 | Date: 08/2012

Preparing injury management plans PDF, 169.3 KB

This information sheet is aimed at those involved in preparing injury management plans. It describes the type of information that is typically found in these plans.

ID: IS015 | Date: 08/2012

Preparing return to work plans PDF, 106.6 KB

This information sheet helps those involved in the preparation of return to work plans by providing a brief description of the information that is typically found in these plans.

ID: IS016 | Date: 08/2012

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